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Yes, Problem-solving is a trick! Speed-Reading is a trick! Concentration is a trick! Buring facts, figures, even whole articles and books into your memory IS A TRICK! Computer-like, brillance can be MADE TO ORDER - you don't have to be born with it!

And now as a 5MinuteLearningMachine.com Affiliate, you can not only make this exciting resource available to your visitors, but also create a terrific revenue stream for you.

Our affiliate program is run by a 3rd party, independent processor (Clickbank) for accuracy and verification. It's totally free to join and you don't even need a web site. So if you're ready to start making some money follow these 3 easy steps.

It's simple to start earning money:

Step 1:

Set up your FREE affiliate account by CLICK HERE

It will only take you a minute to do, and costs nothing. Once this has been completed, come back for further instructions. (If you already have a Clickbank nickname skip to Step 2.)

Step 2:

Use our comprehensive Affiliate Marketing Tools (below) to direct prospects to your affiliate website and start earning commissions immediately. You'll get dozens of ready-to-go promotional tools! Not just banners to post up to your site (although you will get banners also). You'll get everything you need to start generating orders right away! This is a perfect way to add another profit center to your web site.

Step 3:

You earn a hefty commission of 70% for every order that comes from your website. And Plus, you can track all your sales in real-time right from your own computer. Anytime you want to check your stats - click here:

Affiliate Marketing Tools:

Once you have your Clickbank nickname you can set-up your affiliate link, like this:

5 Minute Learning Machine



For Mind Power Miracles (www.mindpowermiracles.com)



Audio Mind Control (www.AudioMindControl.org)


Affiliate Link Here

Replace the XXXXX with your ClickBank nickname. This URL will take whoever clicks on your banner/text link directly to our sales page. Even if that person decides not to buy immediately - you will still get the commissions if they buy on a follow-up visit.

This is the link you should use for all the promotion tools below…

Tools & Resources On This Page Below:

Text Links


Pay Per Click:

Masked Affiliate Domains

More Ways to Use the Power of the Masked Domain

Ezine and Classified Ads

Email Endorsement To Your Subscriber List


Text Links:

You can place these little ads in lots of places. On your website as a text link (make it blue and underlined to increase clickthroughs), as an ezine ad, as a signature file, etc. Here are the different headlines to use:

Turn Yourself Into A Learning Machine In Only 5 Minutes Without Study!

Double Memory, Double Reading Speed All In Only 5 Minutes.. Guaranteed!

Double Your Power To Learn In Only 5 Minutes!

How To Turn Yourself Into A Learning Machine In Only 5 Minutes!

In Only 5 Minutes You Can Quickly And Easily Double Your Reading Speed, Develop A Tape Recorder Memory, Breeze Through Any Test, Develop Total Concentration, Skyrocket Your Power To Handle Figures And Read A Speakers Thoughts... All Without Deep Study! In Only 5 Minutes Or Less Guaranteed!

Speed Read, Have A Tape Recorder Memory, Breeze Through Any Test, Develop Total Concentration, Skyrocket Your Power To Handle Figures And Read A Speakers Thoughts - All Without Study!

No time for the study? No problem - Revolutionary new program gives you the easiest and most effortless way to Double Your Power to Learn…in as little as 5 minutes a day!

Get a Tape Recorder Memory In 5 Minutes or Less... Without Study!

Become A Learning Machine In As Little As 5 Minutes... Without Study - Advanced Learning Breakthroughs!

5 Minute Learning Machine Guaranteed To Double Your Power To Learn In Only 5 Minutes!

* * *

One very effective way to make use of these headlines is to use them as text links on your website. Very often text links will outperform banners or graphical ads.

Text links should be set-up in a prominent place on your website for maximum exposure and maximum effectiveness. I suggest making them blue and underline (most people look for blue links to click on).

Here's how to setup a text link:


For example:
Speed Read In 5 Minutes Or Less... Without Study!

Just be sure to add your unique affiliate ID# where "xxxxxx" is in the URL. And any text you want (the headlines) you simply copy and paste. Anything you write in between the tag beginning and ending will be underlined and become a hypertext link.

Text links have been proven to be much, much more effective than just banners!

Don't forget you can have several of these mini headline ads hitting prospects' different "hot buttons" on your site.

Banner and Graphic Tools:

Here are several banners and graphics you choose from. This is probably the easiest and fastest way to get going with the program.

After picking the banner or graphic you'd like to use, simply position your mouse over the banner and Right Click your mouse (PC Users). Then click "SAVE IMAGE AS" in Netscape or in Internet Explorer click on "SAVE PICTURE AS".

Save this graphic as a <.jpg> file.

Now to make your banner "clickable" you'll need to code your affiliate URL behind the banner.

Here’s the code to put up a graphic with affiliate link:

In this example you would substitute the "xxxxxx" with your Clickbank nickname and "yourbannergraphic.jpg" would be replaced by the banner name you've saved the banner graphic as.

Pay Per Click:

If you are new to Google Adwords I'd recommend AdWords For Dummies by Howie Jacobson. You can get it from amazon.com for only $10.59

Here's a free keyword research tool you can use to gather and expand on your keyword combos:


Also, here's a great tool to use to save yourself time with wrapping keywords:


If you don't understand why the keyword wrapper tool is useful, then once again, you need to read - AdWords For Dummies by Howie Jacobson. You can get it from amazon.com for only $10.59 or http://AdwordsCashSecrets.com is also good.

You can also find HUNDREDS of variations of keywords using google's built-in keyword tool inside your campaign.

After you've set up your ad group and have your ads done and a basic set of relevant keywords, you can then click on the 'keywords' tab, and then go into the 'keyword tool'.

Or you can simply go to their external keyword tool at:


Make sure to keep your ad groups separate, such as having one ad group revolving around 'speed reading', another around 'mind exercises', another around 'memory improvement', 'studying' and so on.

This gets your clickthrough rate higher, and your cost per click down, and gets you more targeted visitors.

Also, be sure to use the clickbank tracking id's so that you can track which ad groups are converting to sales and which aren't.

The tracking id option is available right when you're creating your hoplink at clickbank.

For example, you could use the tracking id 'belly', for all of your ads related to 'Speed Reading', and the end of your hoplink would look like this:


Well, here's a trick I use to get a lot more clicks from my content ads (and cheap clicks at that).

Set up your content ads for the 5 minute learning machine as a separate campaign, and you'll switch OFF the search network and ONLY run the ads on the content network with this campaign (you can still run the search based ads in a separate campaign, but don't mix them).

A couple other important settings to maximize your traffic with content ads:

1. If the campaign has proven to be consistently profitable for you, don't hold back... maximize that budget! If you can consistently double your money, why only spend $10/day on the campaign?

Set it high to maximize it and then keep an eye on it to make sure you're still profiting after a week or so.

What you'll find is that google may easily max out your $10/day setting, but if you set it at $100/day, it may max out at $40 or $50/day in traffic depending on your click through rate and the amount of impressions google finds to place your ads.

2. set the geography to "all countries and territories". I know this goes against what some gurus say, but I get tons of sales from tiny countries that I would have never thought to choose.

As a matter of fact, I've had sales in over 150 countries for my product (there's no way you'd do it right trying to choose only the countries that buy).

This certainly more than makes up for any "junk clicks" you get from poorer countries.

3. set your campaign to show ads in "accelerated" rate instead of standard

After those tweaks to your content campaign, then you'll write your ads in a curiosity-invoking way.

Now here's what was interesting to me and seems to be helping to get a lot more coverage and clicks for these content-only ads.

You're going to add your keywords in a totally different way than you'd add in your keywords in a search campaign.

Instead of the typical method you'd use in a search campaign where you're only adding closely relevant keywords, with this content campaign, you're going to add in a crapload of learning related keywords, and they don't even have to be relevant to each other... you just want LOTS of them split into ad groups of 50 keywords each.

Initially, I was under the assumption that your keywords had nothing to do with your content ads and were only used in search listings.

However, I actually heard from another site owner who informed me that the algorithm for deciding which adsense pages to run your ads on takes into account the landing page content, the wording of your ad, as well as your list of keywords that you input to come up with a "keyword theme" for what sites to place your ads on.

So here's what I do to basically "help" google find more sites to run my ads on...

I use google's keyword tool again, by clicking on the "keyword" tab, and then going to the keyword tool. Then, I'll type in a couple keywords that are quite different from each other, such as speed reading mind exercises

Then, I'll make sure the "synonyms" box is checked and I'll let google spit out a couple hundred varations of all of the above keywords.

Then you want to quickly scroll through and choose about 50 keywords for your adgroup.

Supposedly google's algorithm only uses 50 keywords to calculate your ad positions for content ads, so it doesn't seem worthwhile to add much more than 50 keywords per ad group.

Then you make a new ad group and repeat the process of keyword selection using 1 or 2 different "base keywords" to come up with 50 more keywords to build your next "keyword theme".

Remember, exact relevancy to your ad wordings isn't a factor here since these are content-only ads, so you're not actually "bidding" on these keywords, but google is just using them to help find more websites to run your ads on.

So, if you find an effective ad wording, you can basically use the same wording for every ad group in your content campaign.

This is obviously different from the way you'd set up your ads in a search campaign where each ad group will have differently worded ads based on the main keywords.

For your content ads, I've seen my affiliates doing well with max bids set anywhere from 0.02-0.06 per click.

What you can do is start your ads running at 5 or 6 cents a click, and then after you're getting a good volume, try to start reducing your max bid to 4, 3, or even 2 cents and see if your clicks dry up.

If they don't dry up, you're now getting dirt cheap clicks at 2-5 cents each.

Example of PPC ad
Keyword here
In Only 5 Minutes... Guaranteed!
Double Memory, Double Reading Speed
Url here

Masked Affiliate Domains::

Think about it this way... once you get a domain to run your affiliate link through, you now own your very own website which you can advertise ANYWHERE online or offline and you will make 75% of every sale that comes through your domain.

Having your own domain allows you to advertise in LOTS of new ways that you wouldn't be able to advertise some ugly looking affiliate link.

For example, Using your masked domain to advertise on PPC networks now allows your ads additional exposure since you're no longer competing for top placement with all of the other affiliates and the website owner for the main website's domain (in this case, 5MinuteLearningMachine.com), since google will only display the main website once.

But if we're all using different domains... you, me, and a handful of other affiliates can all show up right next to each other in both search and content ppc listings.

Increasing your chances of getting more exposure for your affiliate link and more sales.

More Ways to Use the Power of the Masked Domain::

Like I mentioned, now that you own your very own domain to advertise in any way you want for the 5Minute Learning Machine, let's start talking about a few options.

Since most article directories, craigslist, forums, and lots of other websites don't allow blatant affiliate links, you can now get around that with your masked domain, since it simply looks like a normal web URL instead of an affiliate link.

Here are a few options you can start experimenting with your masked affiliate domain:

* free article directories (best rankings come from ezinearticles.com for organic traffic)

* forums
* craigslist
* myspace
* facebook
* offline newspaper ads
* offline magazine ads

* other offline places (use your imagination... think outside the box... what locations would people be hungry for fitness info to lose fat and get six pack abs)

* within a video on youtube

* squidoo.com lenses (get great organic rankings in search engines if you create your page right)

* hubpages.com (another free place to make your own pages and ranks high in the SE's also)

* yahoo answers (long tail keyword phrases as the title of the page tend to get great rankings in SE's)

* yahoo360 (virtually untapped, but with good potential... can create your own pages free)
* and many more!

Ezine and Classified Ads:
An inexpensive way to reach a lot of people is to place ads in ezines. You can advertise in ezines with circulations of 100,000 or more and only pay $40 or so. It's a really great deal for the circulation you get.

You can combine several of the killer headlines I've given you to create an effective classified ad.

Here's an example:

In Only 5 Minutes You Can Quickly And Easily Learn To Speed Read, Have A Tape Recorder Memory, Breeze Through Any Test, Develop Total Concentration, Skyrocket Your Power To Handle Figures And Read A Speakers Thoughts... All Without Study!
===> http://XXXXX.carlmarl.hop.clickbank.net

You'll need to locate different ezines to place your ads. Here are several directories (please remember links change every day - but this list was current as of publishing) you can use to locate this information about the publication along with ad rates…

Ezine Directory List:

John Labovitz's Ezine List (this one is good but it may not be updated past March 2000 )

Lifestyles Pub (this one is really good but it costs a few bucks)

TopEzine Ads (this is also a paid membership site)



The Ultimate Magazine Database


Best Ezines.com

Ezine AdSource (paid subscription)

Instructions for placing ads are usually found in these directories. You can submit an ad today and have it run in just a day or two and start making money.


Email Endorsement To Your Subscriber List:

Subject: {first name} - New Resource you should know about

Hi {first name},

As a past user of {your product or service} I thought you would want to know about a new resource I've just discovered...

I've just ran across a new product that can help you In Only 5 Minutes To Quickly And Easily Double Your Reading Speed, Develop A Tape Recorder Memory, Breeze Through Any Test, Develop Total Concentration, Skyrocket Your Power To Handle Figures And Read A Speakers Thoughts... All Without Deep Study! In Only 5 Minutes Or Less Guaranteed! - and positively blow the lid off anything you've tried before.

It's called "The 5 Minute Learning Machine" by Warren Banks and check out what a few customers have to say about it:

"The best program I have read on learning. I have gone through a few other books and suggestions by other people, no one impressed me so much." Dr Hisham Abdalla, Auckland, New Zealand

"When I ran across your "5 Minute Learning Machine" on the web I purchased it immediately. Of all the things I have bought over the web yours is surely the most valuable." Carl Marley, www.Weightloss177ways.com

"my name is Joe and I had to let you know that I am 46 years old and I just wish I would have had this program 20 years ago. I am a salesman and the skills I am learning are so valuable to my line of work. To be able to remember highly technical information about my products and my competition.....I know my customers are impressed. I can't recommend the course enough" Joe Cole Salesman Illinois, USA

With comments like these I suggest you check out the The 5 Minute Learning Machine for yourself.

And there's absolutely no risk because it comes with a 100% money-back guarantee for 3 months - so if The 5 Minute Learning Machine didn't work you can be sure they wouldn't have such a powerful guarantee.

Plus, for a limited time you'll get 3 free bonuses, including the "Advanced Memory Techniques: How To Create Total Recall". This bonus alone is worth many times your investment.

To find out more about this terrific new resource, click here:

==> {http://www.youraffiliatelink.com}


{Your Name}




Always, of course, our first goal is to improve your ability to understand everything you read. But this search for understanding does not conflict with a second vital goal – to speed up your reading rate.

Fast readers are good readers. And most people who read slowly do so because of one or two crippling habits they’ve picked up in their School years. Eliminate those habits and you liberate tremendous new-reading speed in yourself overnight.

Since you will be faced with a flood of paperwork in your lifetime, now is the time to build in that speed. Here are five simple tricks that will do it for you automatically:

1. Don’t let yourself point out words with your finger or a pencil. This slows you up. Read with your eyes only. This means your hands must be folded till you turn to the next page.

2. Keep from moving your lips or mouth. Lip-moving slows reading speed down to speaking speed. If it’s difficult for you to stop moving your lips, bite a pencil while you read till you lose the habit.

3. Don’t move your head from side to side. This tires you out and again slows up your reading. Only your eyes should move. Only your eyes need move.

4. Read aggressively. Actively. Tearing the ideas out of the pages with the techniques we are showing you in this book.

5. Learn the habit of skimming and then concentrating as described below. Make every reading assignment a search for main thoughts through a forest of useless words. Skim through 90 per cent those words, and concentrate only on the vital 10 per cent.

And then practice. Practice-practice-practice. Till you become an expert. Till these habits become second nature. Till you can zip through any written page, anywhere.

Want to "In Only 5 Minutes Quickly And Easily Double Your Reading Speed, Develop A Tape Recorder Memory, Breeze Through Any Test, Develop Total Concentration, Skyrocket Your Power To Handle Figures And Read A Speakers Thoughts... All Without Deep Study! In Only 5 Minutes Or Less Guaranteed!"

Then Visit Warren Banks at http://www.5MinuteLearningMachine.com . You Can Sign Up For His Free Online Course.


The Six Tiny Keys To Knowledge

You future success or failure is going to depend largely upon your ability to absorb facts, skills procedures and put them to use.

Our Brain likes to store the information it receives into a organized fashion. This make it easier for our mind to comprehend and retain.

We can help our brain to comprehend and retain this information by organizing the flow of this information.

Any idea, any word, any phrase and any sentence can be turned into a question just by putting one of these six little words in front of it.







You should memorize them as they are very valuable words. These important words have being described as the Six Tiny Keys to Knowledge.

You can use these six keys with great success to remember information from newspapers and magazines by using who, what, where, when, why, how.

Journalists and some authors are trained to write using these six questions to arrange and organize text.

At a high speed you can search through the text looking for information that answers these questions and when you spot what you are looking for you make sure to take note.

Searching through newspapers and magazines like this will keep you up to date with your chosen field and the ways of the world. It will take you no time to go through an entire newspaper. Once you have located relevant articles you can read over them at a slower pace to absorb the information.

Want to "In Only 5 Minutes Quickly And Easily Double Your Reading Speed, Develop A Tape Recorder Memory, Breeze Through Any Test, Develop Total Concentration, Skyrocket Your Power To Handle Figures And Read A Speakers Thoughts... All Without Deep Study! In Only 5 Minutes Or Less Guaranteed!" Then Visit Warren Banks at http://www.5MinuteLearningMachine.com . Free Online Course


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